Posted on 07-01-2014


Are you also wondering how Open Data is changing the way the Public Sector innovates and delivers services? The Data Days 2014 - a three-day conference in Ghent, Belgium from 17 till 19 February – is dedicated to Open Data. The confe

This is a  joint conference of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), The European project Citadel on the Move and the Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies (LOLA).rence offers a unique opportunity to explore how Local Administrations use open standards to make information exchange efficient and effective, allowing them to operate at lower costs and provide better services.  The focus lies on the real use of Open Data on the field, not just on the theory behind the idea.  

With top keynotes from Minister Geert BourgeoisMr. Richard Kerby of the United Nations, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Khouri of Emirates Identity Authority, Mr. Gérald Santucci of the European Commission, Mme. Irina Bolychevsky of OKFN and many more, Data Days 2014 is the must-attend event on exploring how open data is changing the way the Public Sector innovates and delivers services.

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