Posted on 04-03-2014

Do you often wonder about how Open Data will be changing the way the Public Sector innovates and delivers services?

The Open Data Pioneers, practitioners, thinkers and researchers from across the world were at the DataDays 2014 to unlock and advance the power of collaboration and Open Innovation in this joint conference held  in Ghent (17-18 Februray).

The DataDays 2014 were hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), Citadel on the Move and Linked Organization of Local Authority ICT Societies (LOLA). The interactive and varied conference program includes participatory workshops, breakout sessions and international keynote speakers. And we end with a real debate. Citadel on the Move presented an Open forum to policy makers and influencers alike to discuss the future of Open Data in Europe. The first results of the project that allows cities to publish their data in a way they can easily be used in a mobile app was demonstrated.

Flemish ICT Minister, Geert Bourgeois and United Nations eGovernment Advisor Richard Kerby awarded a ‘Global Entrepreneur Award’ on behalf of Citadel-on-the-Move and the Linked Organisation of Local Authorities to William Colglazier, age 9, and Alexander Glidden, age 8, for their new mobile App @Me-on-the-Move. The App breaks new ground by working in cities from Europe, North America and Africa.

Citadel-on-the-Move is an EU funded CIP-IST project which aims to make it easier to open and use data across borders.

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