Posted on 13-06-2015


Apps For Europe, the European project that stimulates businesses working with open data, in which V-ICT-OR and LOLA are partners, is coming to its close. However, app developers should not despair! More initiatives are under way to support and stimulate innovative applications of open data. Specifically, Apps For Europe is joining forces with the ODINE ( and Finodex ( projects to provide new opportunities, funding and support. If you're a European SME and you think you have an innovative business idea that qualifies, there's no time to lose:

  • 17th of June is the closing data for the second round of the Finodex project, which supports entrepreneurs working with FIWARE and open data, and can provide funding of up to EUR 170,000.
  • 30th of June is the closing data of the current round of the ODINE project, which provides support, training, and funding of up to EUR 100,000 for project that use open data.

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