Posted on 30-04-2019

In this video, we take you through the various demo environments and scenarios we developed to demonstrate how the Jolocom SmartWallet can be used by citizens and employees from Dutch and Belgian municipalities during typical service interactions. These demos were created as part of the Blockchain on the Move project, supported by the Flemish Government within the Programme for Innovation Procurement (PIP) and is a consortium with the City of Antwerp, Digipolis, the Flemish Government, Informatie Vlaanderen, and V-ICT-OR (the Flemish ICT organisation) with Jolocom acting as the technical partner. Launched in December 2018, this visionary project aims to enable an ecosystem for self-sovereign identity (SSI) with full support from the public sector.

Read PART ONE of our full report on Blockchain on the Move, Phase 1: SSI Building Blocks:


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