Posted on 21-11-2019


During a LOLA meeting in Sweden, Geoff and Kathryn mentioned that the Government of Canada has developed 10 Digital Principles:

  1. Design with users
  2. Iterate and improve frequently
  3. Work in the open by default
  4. Use open standards and solutions
  5. Address security and privacy risks
  6. Build in accessibility from the start
  7. Empower staff to deliver better services
  8. Be good data stewards
  9. Design ethical services
  10. Collaborate widely

Some of these principles are based on existing LOLA guidelines for local governments. All of the LOLA members support these principles and hope they will find their way to the ICT professionals in our local authorities.

Eddy Van der Stock (Belgium) for instance views the Canadian digital principles as an adequate way of filling in and adopting the “European eGov action plan” of the European commission (sequel to the Malmö statement). The principles boil down to concrete and practical terms which are easily applicable in digital strategic planning on a local level.

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