When was V-ICT-OR formed?

Is membership for the individual or the authority? The membership is individual, but the fee is paid by the employer. We charge
EUR 250 for the first member and EUR 25 for all the folowing members of the
same local authority .

How many authorities do you represent? 308 

How many organisations in your geographic area that are eligible to join are not members? 396

How many members do you have? 240

Do you have members not employed by the public sector? We only allow full membership to people employed in the public sector.

Do you have any mission/objectives/scope for V-ICT-OR? V-ICT-OR has five principal objectives:

  • Improve and stimulate networking.
  • Improve competency of ICT-professionals. (not necesserily on ICT
    related topics only)
  • Taking care of the interests and provision of services towards the
  • We want to present a platform where it's easy to make contact on an
    informal base.
  • We would like to be the voice of the ICT-professionals employed in
    the public service.

Do you have any staff or is the Society run by volunteers?

The members of the board are volunteers and chosen by the V-ICT-OR members. We have 2 staff and 1 projectworker


V-ICT-OR - info@v-ict-or.be

LOLA       - info@lola-online.org