Posted on 16-11-2012

At the viag international conference a historical step has been set. All member organisations committed themselves to formalise the Linked Organisation for Local Authorities into an non profit a organisation (NPO) with a legal structure.

“Finally” some old committed persons said, “but it took us the necessary steps to come where we are now”.

As a legal structure LOLA will be able to set up international (worldwide) projects regarding a high standard of Local Authority services to our citizens through the effective deployment of Information and Communications Technologies, automation, information management and security.

We intend to achieve this through joint projects, sharing of good practice, joint influencing of European and Nation states, and the ICT supply industry.

During the first meeting the articles of association were subscribed by:

  • V-ICT-OR - Belgium - represented today by: Eddy Van der Stock (Chairman)
  • MISA - Canada - represented today by: Harry Turnbull
  • ALGIM - New Zealand - represented today by: Mike Wanden
  • KOMMITS - Sweden - represented today by: Torbjörn Larsson
  • VIAG - The Netherlands - represented today by: Arend van Beek (vice-chairman – secretary)
  • SOCITM - United Kingdom - represented today by: Martin Ferguson
  • GMIS - United States of America - represented today by: Paul Ruth


The following board was composed:

  • Eddy Van der Stock - V-ICT-OR - Belgium (Chairman)
  • Arend van Beek - VIAG - The Netherlands (vice-chairman – secretary)
  • Louis Massage - V-ICT-OR - Belgium (Treassury)
  • Antoinette van Leeuwen - VIAG - The Netherlands
  • Christian Bonfré - KOMMITS - Sweden
  • Clark Rainer - GMIS - United States of America
  • Geoff Hogan - MISA - Canada
  • Harry Turnbull - MISA - Canada
  • Martin Ferguson - SOCITM - United Kingdom
  • Mike Manson - ALGIM - New Zealand
  • Mike Wanden - ALGIM - New Zealand
  • Paul Ruth - GMIS - United States of America
  • Steve Halliday - SOCITM - United Kingdom
  • Torbjörn Larsson - KOMMITS – Sweden
  • Hedwig Daineffe - V-ICT-OR - Belgium (internal audit)
  • Roel Bakker - VIAG - The Netherlands (internal audit)

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