When was VIAG formed? 1991

Is membership for the individual or the authority? The membership is for individuals, but the restriction is that they need to "have ICT responisbility in as we call it "lower government domain"

How many authorities do you represent? 472

How many organisations in your geographic area that are eligible to join are not members? 11

How many members do you have? 508

Do you have members not employed by the public sector? Yes, we have the so called business membership

Do you have any mission/objectives/scope for VIAG? To provide tools to the members so they can improve their work in ICT in local government.
The tools can be a wide range as offering a network of colleagues, publications, confernces, events, research etc.

Do you have any staff or is the Society run by volunteers? Staff is just 12 hrs a week an advisor to the board and 14 hrs a week administration; the other activities are voluntary

Does VIAG support LOLA? Yes

Do you want to attend LOLA international events? Yes